Curriculum vitae

My name is Nikos Kastamoulas and I am a software engineer based in Athens, Greece. I am originally from Rhodes island and I graduated from London South Bank University in 2002.

I am interested in software quality, design patterns, large scale systems and I have a natural curiosity to learn and improve. My latest interest is natural language processing and machine learning. I also play a lot of chess.

Work experience

2014 - 2015 - Android developer, backend architect, AWS/System administrator and front-end engineer.

Worked as a full stack engineer in a highly demanding social network project. Was responsible for modeling, architecture and implementation of the components powering the backend. Also responsible for the UI design and development of the Android version (not released yet).

notable achievements: the design of a complex social network application, the design of a budget-friendly fault tolerant architecture on AWS, implementation of a technically demanding android application.


2012 - 2014 - CTO - Cofounder

Co-founder of ncoded+, a company that developed mobile and web applications for the Hospitality and Casino markets. Responsible for the design and development of the server-side software stack and Android applications.

notable achievements: designed and developed SlotPilot, a slot machine management system with live monitoring of cashier and attendant transactions and reporting tools for managerial staff.


2013 - 2014 - Senior Software engineer - Team Leader

Employed as a Senior Software engineer by one of the largest insurance companies in Greece. Lead a team of 3-5 engineers responsible for the implementation of the company's agents network support portal and tools.

notable achievements: worked for a company that strives for technical excellence, lead a team that delivered modern mobile friendly tools that made a difference in productivity.

24 Media

2007 - 2013 - Tech Lead

Employed as a junior developer in 2007, and was promoted to the position of Tech Lead within 3 years. My responsibilities included leading a team of 4 developers and 1 systems administrator, software design and development, supervision and coaching of a team of developers, project management, design and monitoring of hardware infrastructure and finally coaching non-technical staff on SEO, project management and other topics.

notable achievements: managed to deliver solutions in an extremely high paced environment while maintaining technical standards (testing, QA, code re-use etc).

Open Source Contributions

java-to-typescript Java pojo to Typescript converter

  • Converts Java pojos to namespaced Typescript classes
  • Correctly handles inheritance and inner classes

SSSG Scala static site generator

  • Local server and watch/build capabilities
  • Jade templates

Scala naive bayes classifier A multinomial naive bayes text classifier

  • A scala implementation of the naive bayes algorithm

ALAPL A Lightweight Atom Parser Library.

  • Fast parsing
  • Based on Pull XML
  • Suited for mobile applications, especially Android Applications.
  • Standards compliant

JMVC Framework A Java web framework.

  • Model - View - Controller architecture.
  • Built-in Dependency injection framework based on Google Guice.
  • High performance database abstraction layer with database caching.
  • Used internally in 24 Media as a lightweight framework for faster development times.

Skill set

Java, Scala, Javascript, Python, Go, bash
Java EE, Spring, Play, Liferay
JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, Liquibase
MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Cassandra
JSP/JSTL, Wicket, Jade, GWT
Android, Robolectric
Client side
Google closure, AngularJS, JQuery
HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap, 960 gs, Skeleton css
Jenkins/Hudson, JUnit, Mockito, Spring test, Hamcrest, ScalaTest
Server technologies
Tomcat, Websphere, Google AppEngine, Apache, Varnish, nginx